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Being Faster and More Productive with Brightspace Tools and other Web Tools

Nate Wadman, Pikes Peak Community College
Barry Dahl, D2L


Five Free Tech Tools to Make You More Productive at Work
What good is technology if it doesn’t make your life easier, or your work more productive, or both? In this session, you’ll learn about five free tools that you can use with or without Brightspace to help you get things done. Phone apps, browser apps and extensions, tablet apps, and PC programs – we’ll look at a few tools that just might surprise you with what they can do.

Top 10 Tips to Being Faster in Brightspace Learning Environment
It’s Friday night and you have social plans. However, you have course work in Brightspace. How do you get these tasks done quickly without compromising quality of instruction? Come see 10 Tips to help you be faster and more productive in Brightspace!

Top 10 Tips to Being Faster in Brightspace Learning Environment

  • Put direct links to pages (discussions, etc.) into a bookmark folder and open all tabs at 1 time.
  • Use Manage Dates to adjust dates when copying courses
  • Use QuickLinks
  • Bulk Edit tools (like in Grades)
  • Edit account settings
  • Rubric with Pre-Loaded Feedback
  • Use Grade All / Set Grades
  • Use email wherever possible, and using the email functionality that provides context (email from within the Grades tool, Discussion tools, etc.)

Five Free Tech Tools to Make You More Productive at Work

  • Voice-to-text
    • Dictate using Evernote app for phone, have Evernote convert to text, then copy paste text into Discussion, etc.
  • Text Expanders
    • Create canned text that gets reused over and over
  • H5P – Create interactive HTML5 content that can be embedded into D2L
  • OneTab – Chrome extension
  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Relax

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