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Professional Resolutions

I’ve been known from time to time to create New Years’ Resolutions. I mean, who isn’t? I’ve created personal ones, family ones, and even some professional ones. I’ve never really understood why people create them—myself included. Everyone ends up breaking the resolutions, either intentionally or unintentionally. Some people create lofty goals for the new year:…

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Career Quandaries, Part 1

Yes, I double-checked the spelling of “quandaries.” It is, in fact, the plural of “quandary.” Things have been… interesting… lately at work. We got a new Asst. Provost for e-Learning about a month ago. She seems great and has a lot of good ideas. I’m not sure yet how things will go when she tries…

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Tracking Student Success: Traditional/Non-Traditional Students

This article was posted was posted today in the Chronicle of Higher Education: More Colleges Track Nontraditional Students’ Success – Students Here’s my question – what about tracking the success of traditional students? Why is tracking non-traditional students the best thing since sliced bread? I understand that non-traditional students have a lower success rate, but…

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My Experience with Plagiarism

This semester I taught my first course. It was a 400- & 500-level course, consisting mostly of graduate students. The title was Audio/Visual Instruction: Methods, Media, & Technology. We spent the semester learning about and exploring a lot of tools, in a variety of categories. In fact, only about 3 weeks was spent with audio/video…

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