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Testing Dictation Software

This post is a test of dictating content through a voice recognition program. What I’ve found, is that I normally talk faster than I can type. By dictating my posts, I’m hoping that I can publish more regularly without spending as much time drafting my content. This is the first time that I’ve tried using…

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Sprucing Up My Knowledge

Bloggers Boot Camp book cover

One of the things that I’ve touted about myself has been my knowledge about social media and it’s uses/implications in education. While I have been looked at as the “expert” in my departments, I’ve rarely taken the time to engage in professional development about the topics. Everything that I’ve been learning has been from personal…

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Back in a Rut

Last year I made one of my goals to block out time each week to blog about project updates, new & upcoming work, etc. I’d say (without going back and looking), I ended up doing the reflections on a monthly basis rather than weekly. But even as 2012 came to an end, my posts were…

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A Screw You, With Line Breaks


Today is only Thursday, and there have been 2 big announcements in the world of technology this week. Google gives everyone a big “screw you,” and Twitter takes 140 characters to the max… Google Reader to be sunset. If you’re not familiar with what “sunset” means, it’s Google’s way of saying that the service will…

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