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Google Screws Over Small Businesses & Consumers

Google Apps

I’ll be the first to admit – There are some topics of which I have very strong opinions. This is one of them. There are reports coming out today that indicate that Google will no longer be offering the free version of Google Apps. I haven’t yet seen a date for this to take effect,…

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My 30-second Review of Mountain Lion

mountain lion install image

Apple released OS X 10.8, otherwise known as Mountain Lion, today. I was pretty quick to grab it, mostly because I’m an Apple fanboy. I’ve been playing with it for the last 45 minutes or so, and thought I’d post a quick review with some of my initial thoughts… Download and installation. This part was…

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Weekly Reflections

I had a great conversation yesterday with my supervisor as we concluded my annual review. One of the goals I had set for myself was to set aside time for weekly reflection – a time where I could comment on the projects I was involved with. When we finally got to the goals, I had…

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EdTech Podcasts

Educational technology and instructional design are fields that, while broadly known, aren’t talked about in a mobile form very often. Over the last few weeks I have done some searches online as well as in iTunes for podcasts that talk about the field of EdTech. I’ve found a few series that offer helpful information, but…

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