Reflections of a 30-ish-year-old young professional

Designing for Success: Fostering Self-Regulated Learning Through Online Course Design

Presenter Bill Knapp, Grand Rapids Community College Session Abstract Numerous studies show a strong relationship between student achievement and self-regulated learning skills. The self-regulated learner is more likely to successfully complete the online course than students lacking these skills. This session offers practical ideas/suggestions on how to embed learning activities into the course design tat… Continue Reading

Student Engagement: Connective Instruction

Presenter Rick Walker, STARLINK Session Abstract Research shows engagement is a key predictor of student success. Connective Instruction methodology has proven to be seven times more effective than Academic Rigor and Lively Teaching methods of engagement. Join STARLINK Director Rick Walker for this fast-paced, interactive workshop that includes online engagement tips from faculty. This session… Continue Reading

The Importance of an LMS

I haven’t posted anything besides conference notes in the last year, or so it seems. I’ve been to ITC eLearning in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the Desire2Learn Fusion conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. My postings during these events were notes from the sessions that I went to, but I haven’t done any free writing or… Continue Reading

Brightspace Training Options: Who, What, Where, When, Why

Resources YouTube videos Community Documentation All documentation is provided online in Word doc format to allow for branding. Training video course package In the guides, search for Course Package to download an IMCC package with YouTube videos already embedded. Videos are all captioned. It’s unclear what would happen to the YouTube videos when Brightspace is… Continue Reading