Repurposing My Blog

The Future - BillboardIt’s been a long time since I’ve written an entry for this site. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but I haven’t been sure what my intentions with this blog are. This site has gone through redesigns since I first purchased it back in… 2006? I really don’t remember the year. But I remember purchasing it so that I could blog and share photos; before I really knew what blogging was, before I knew about WordPress. I didn’t own any web-hosting space so the URL was pointing to my local machine, which was a pain because my IP address kept changing. Anyway, fast forward a few years… the site turned into a personal blog where I could share life stories and experiences that I’ve had the privilege of going through. From jobs, moving across the country, girlfriends, and anything else you could think of, this site was the center of my life in both text and photos.Now that I’m engaged and settling down in a Southwest Ohio, Katie and I have decided to start a family blog. Lot’s of families do this to have a centralized location to share life stories with friends and families. We’ve decided on a URL, but the site is still under construction. For those of you interested in seeing the site, you’ll just have to be patient. So we have that new site for our personal/family stories and I also have my consulting site, Mevins Consulting. While the freelance stuff has been keeping me busy and definitely supplementing the income, it hasn’t quite gone the direction that I would like. Not yet, at least. For the foreseeable future, Mevins Consulting will be a location to show off website designs and other freelance projects.With both of those sites, what is this site going to turn into? I’ve decided, at the suggestion of @cmduke, to keep this site as it is my namesake-how people know and identify me. It’s been a part of my life for a long time and it’d be a waste to throw that away. From now until the next time I decide to make a change, I’ll be featuring articles and narratives on Instructional Design practices and fun technologies. Some content may be re-purposed from my department’s new blog that is starting to take shape (more information on that in a future post). In general, this site will be professional insights from me without the constant self-promotion of my freelance work.For those of you disappointed with this change, I do apologize. I spread myself very thin at times and I’m working to find a better work-life balance. This process includes my separating the various jobs and interests so that I can be more focused. I hope that you’ll at least stick with me for a while longer because while this site will include pedagogy, I’ll also be talking about iPhone/iPad apps, and other fun technologies that you may enjoy!Until next time, make it a great day!

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