Changes Are Needed

The title of this post can have multiple meanings, of which I’ll explain 2 possible meanings here.Have you ever felt like you aren’t sure why you have a job? I have, quite frequently, in fact. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (at least most of it) and I enjoy the people that I work with. However, there are many departments on campus that don’t even know I exist. I’m not trying to be world-renowned – in fact, I definitely don‘t want that. But when a department makes a decision to bring in a consultant to tell them exactly what someone from my department can tell them (for free), I want to scream. We (the country) are in the middle of an economical crisis and people think it’s okay to spend money on services that are clearly not necessary. I have spent thousands of dollars to earn my Masters degree, and I have been hired by my institution to provide services to our “constituents.” With groups of people bringing in “outside” consultants rather than relying on “in-house” consultants for the same assistance, I’m not sure why I have a job. It’s a waste of money on multiple fronts:

  1. Departments are wasting money on these outside consultants.
  2. The institution is wasting money on paying me to just “sit here.”
  3. I wasted money on my Master’s degree.

This problem is encouraging the perpetual cycle of the economic crisis in our country. Changes are needed.Now for the second meaning…I am clearly over-extending myself. Here’s the extent of my weekly activities:

  • I work 2 jobs (my full-time job and freelance business);
  • I teach private music lessons, which is kind of like a 3rd job;
  • Volunteer with the Marching Band (5+ days per week);
  • Involved with the local community band;
  • Record 2 weekly podcasts;

With all that I’m involved with, I don’t feel like I’m spending enough time “relaxing.” I need to make some changes, but I’m not sure where to start. Changes are needed.

One thought on “Changes Are Needed

  1. Two meanings.(1) Yes. I’ve had the same feeling over a number of years, across a number of jobs and institutions. It happens. I start thinking though, “If my institution will pay someone that knows what I know X dollars to come in and share what they/we know, maybe I can find another institution that will pay me X dollars to share what I know – as a consultant ;-)”(2) Overextending yourself sucks. Been there done that. You’re very familiar with that though. I’m MUCH happier on a day to day basis having eliminated one of the things I was doing.-cmd

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