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Educational technology and instructional design are fields that, while broadly known, aren’t talked about in a mobile form very often. Over the last few weeks I have done some searches online as well as in iTunes for podcasts that talk about the field of EdTech. I’ve found a few series that offer helpful information, but they either 1) aren’t updated regularly or 2) are too long to listen to. Most of the time that I listen to podcasts, I’m in the car. And since I only have a 30 minute commute (one-way), I like to only listen to episodes that last that long. A podcast episode that runs 60+ minutes is too long for me. I know that the length depends on the content, but if I go 8+ hours without listening to the episode, I forget what’s being talked about, so I choose not to finish it.Maybe this is why I don’t like reading…Anyway, I have decided that instead of just complaining about lack of programming to fit my needs, I will now contribute back to the community. The website for the podcast is still in it’s development stages, however I’ll soon reveal the name, cohosts, recording schedule, etc.If you’re interested in following my new adventure, let me know via comment (below). I’ll send you an email once the website and podcast is live!

6 thoughts on “EdTech Podcasts

  1. Awesome Matt! I’ve tried listening to some of these of well, but nothing ever really captured my interest. Looking forward to your debut episode!

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