Week Ending August 10, 2012

We have movement!!For those of you that have followed my weekly updates for more than 2 weeks, you probably have a hunch as to what is finally moving…WordPress. It is true, WordPress has been approved for academic use cases. University Communications had been holding up this project for the better part of 1 year, and after my weekly emails asking for status updates, they have given us permission to move forward. Unfortunately, we haven’t received the “okay” to move forward with administrative uses, but 1 small step for man… I spent some time yesterday working on a roll-out plan for the regional campuses, which looks to be moving ahead. The official launch of WordPress at MUH will be on September 6 and MUM will see the launch on September 7. My goal in the next week is to create as much training documentation as possible and to put together the training outline. Oxford will see a soft-rollout, with no official launch date. I wish Oxford instructors were banging on the door as much as the regional campuses, but I’ll take what I can get.I will be drinking in celebration tonight!!iTunes U. There hasn’t been much movement this week. We’ve started working on banners to use in the public site, and I’m still trying to find 1-2 instructors to push this project forward. If you know of anyone, let me know.Other updates. I spent some time in e-Learning retreats over the last week. I’m hopeful that the drive we’ve shown in the last week continues over time, but I am afraid that it will diminish once the semester starts. Luckily, everyone that was involved in the retreats is very much a cheerleader for e-Learning, so we’ll see what happens.That’s all for this week. TGIF!!

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