Week Ending September 7

This week has been a complete blur. There’s a colleague of mine who is a manager and always complains about how many meetings they are in. I look at their calendar and I think that they are completely insane. I compared my schedule with theirs this week and one could easily mistake my schedule for that of a manager. But I am not. And I am tired. And let me also add that next week is not looking much better. Such is life.WordPress. We have lift-off (kick-off, to be more exact). Yesterday was the first kick-off event for the WordPress service. We were at the Hamilton campus and approximately 10 people showed up. The event went smoothly and everyone was very excited to get started. I did find a few kinks in my system for creating accounts, but it’s nothing that I can’t correct and change for the future. Today’s kick-off is at the Middletown campus and we are expecting to have a similar turnout. Awesome!!iTunes U. I can’t even begin to explain my frustration. Our contact at Apple has been the most unhelpful person. We are down to figuring out 1 technical piece that should be obvious, but isn’t. Apple’s documentation tells us to do something, but doesn’t tell us how to do it. We’ve asked our rep with Apple and his response… read the documentation. Duh! I have read it and the answer isn’t in there. We have a meeting scheduled with Apple next week, but I am not really interested in meeting with them (especially face-to-face) if they insist on treating me like an idiot via email. We’ll see what happens. Until that meeting, we are at a standstill.Other projects. I’ve started working with a faculty learning community on redesigning courses for online delivery. Yesterday was the first meeting and the instructor that I’m paired with is really easy-going. Should be a fun time!Trainings. I’ve started doing most of the trainings for our group. It seems like a lot of work with advertising, designing the outline, and delivering the training. I’ve been at it for a few weeks now and things are going very well. I’m getting excellent feedback / response from faculty so I know it’s paying off. The next training topic begins next Wednesday and I’m hoping that the momentum continues.Here we go!

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