End of a Term

I haven’t looked at my site or the archive of posts to know when I last posted an update on this site. Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. Since I decided not to put together an update last week, here’s some updates for those of you interested…iTunes U. I am officially absolved of any responsibility with this project. It definitely hasn’t gone the way I had hoped or anticipated, but the project has been taken over by another department on campus and I am now an as-needed consultant. I still get support tickets for people who want help, but I now forward those requests to the leading department. As for my initial goals with the project, I don’t foresee any of my goals being accomplished now that the project is over. However, due to the turns that this project has taken, there is nothing I can do about them. Ce la vie.WordPress. The service is still up and running. I’ve received 1 request for a new plugin, to which I’ve filled out the paperwork and am waiting for the anticipated time frame for it to be completed. I did receive a request for a custom theme, to which I promptly denied their request. Other than that, it’s been pretty slow moving. Nothing else I can do…Video on Demand. Kaltura and its integration with Sakai is being tested, but there’s no time frame for the implementation to be completed or for the pilot to get started. I’m stuck.WebEx. The platform is up and running. The Lilly Conference on College Teaching did a pilot broadcast using WebEx Event Center during the Conference, however it didn’t work out so well. The audio and video was not great, but that’s due to a learning curve with the software – hopefully we can use the software better next year.Changes for next year… There are some. Most notably, my group will no longer be part of IT Services. We will be moving to Academic Affairs. This can be a good thing, but also a not-so-good thing. We don’t know (yet) who we will be reporting to, specifically, or what services will move with us, or, or, or… I’m not sure how I feel about it, and I likely wont’ have an opinion until a few months into the change…

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