Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck Dies at 91

Dave Brubeck QuartetToday is a sad day in the world of music. Not just jazz music, but all music. Dave Brubeck, legendary jazz pianist passed away at the age of 91, just days before his 92nd birthday.When i was in middle school and high school, Brubeck was one of the names that you knew. As a musician in marching band, concert bands, and jazz bands, he was the epitome of great music. Sure, there were sax, trumpet, and guitar players, but Brubeck was the one that brought them together. In many cases, Brubeck was the one that taught them what they know—the one who made them the musicians they became.When I was in college, Dave Brubeck came to Miami University to perform a concert. There was a point just after the concert where he was signing autographs. Many students got his John Hancock on a napkin or piece of paper. I took down one of his performance posters that was posted around campus and had him sign that. I’ve gotten autographs from athletes and other cool people, but Brubeck was the first autograph that I was proud of, not just excited for. I had that poster framed and it currently is hanging in our house. I still look at it in awe that I was able to get his signature.If you’ve ever heard a Dave Brubeck piece, it was likely one of these two:Take Fivehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faJE92phKzIBlue Rondo a la Turkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc34Uj8wlmEA full article about Dave’s passing can be read from the Chicago Tribune, or Time.

3 thoughts on “Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck Dies at 91

  1. my wife recalls seeing the Dave Brubeck quartet on stage, from the rear of the stage at a concert probably at Miami U in the 50’s, probably 1953. She was Ruth Havighurst then. do you know exactly when that concert took place.

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