Testing Dictation Software

This post is a test of dictating content through a voice recognition program. What I’ve found, is that I normally talk faster than I can type. By dictating my posts, I’m hoping that I can publish more regularly without spending as much time drafting my content. This is the first time that I’ve tried using a dictation software, and so far it’s working pretty well. I haven’t noticed many spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes, and I have found that it is going much quicker than if I were to type all of what I wanted to say.One of the projects I’m doing on at work (as well as through my consulting job), is blogging on a more regular basis about topics that are of interest to people in my field. That is, instructional design and educational technology. I’ve been posting the three separate blogs (including my personal site), and I’ve had a hard time coming up with different content for each of the sites. I don’t expect this blog to change much, in fact I hope to use it on a more regular basis. I know, I know… I’ve said that before. My hope is to not have to create content on my work site as much, because I’ll be doing more administrative and planning to ensure that new content is posted on a regular basis. That means I should be able to post my personal thoughts about educational technology on this site.One of the topics I posted about last year were weekly status updates of projects held working on at work. I wasn’t very good about keeping up with them, and often times I went a month or more without posting any status updates. The purpose of that, was to keep myself accountable and to have a running list of things I’m working on for me to compile from when I do my end of year review. It turns out it wasn’t very good at that part. I’m not saying I’m going to get back into that habit this year, especially considering it’s already the middle of April. But what I want to do is post more regular personal thoughts and personal reflections on important topics in the field of instructional design and educational technology.I had a conversation with my wife yesterday about the difference between those two areas, instructional design and educational technology. There’s quite a bit of overlap between those two topics, and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between them. My personal opinion, is that educational technology is more focused around the tools that can be used to enhance education, while instructional design is more of the overarching course design and development. What I found over the last three years, is a my interest falls more with educational technology and not as much with the instructional design. This poses a problem with my current job, as my primary responsibility is for course design and development. I’m not saying I’ll be leaving my current position anytime soon, but I have some serious thinking to do about what my future might hold with this position in this field.We’ll see what happens…

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