QM Reviews

It’s been about 3-4 years since I finished my QM certifications through qualitymatters.org. Since then, I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a complete QM review of any course, internal or external. I’ve always been interested to see how the process works as opposed to how it’s “suppose” to work. I still haven’t been able to participate in an official course review, however, I just finished an informal review of a course that I helped redesign.It’s interesting to see how others score some of the standards. When I saw the report from the course’s original review, I was very confused about why the scores were given as they were. All I could do was help the instructor try to understand the scoring and come up with possibilities for improvement on a score that I didn’t necessary agree with. Regardless, we made changes and the course ran for the first time following our changes this summer. It seems as though the course was a success, at least from the instructors’ perspective. I started accessing the course on Monday to work through the QM review, which was fine. I only got through the first standard, so I knew it was going to be slow-moving. I finished the review today and then looked at how my scores compared with the original report.It’s clear in comparing the reports that the course has improved, at least from a quantitative standpoint. The points accumulated during the second review, in my opinion, are more transparent and easy to align with the course compared to the first time. There are clearly areas for improvement, primarily within the accessibility standard, but no course is perfect. We knew during the review process that not every change was going to be made during this time around, so I wasn’t disappointed or surprised when the data backed up our thoughts.Overall, the course is in good shape. It doesn’t currently pass QM standards, but only because of the accessibility deficits. I’m looking forward to meeting with the instructor to see what his thoughts are on the course in its current state.

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