ITC eLearning 2015: Day 1 – Afternoon

They’re Dropping Like Flies – Retention Strategies and Best Practices for Online Courses

Karen Hyman, College of Southern NevadaI apparently got into this session a little late because the presenter decided to start early – not a huge deal. Since I do online training at the company I work for, I’m interested in getting information on retaining students (non-traditional in my case). This presenter is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum with research. Her slides are full of text and refers to various studies impacting her institution. Hey – I’m all about the research! The PowerPoint looked like it came from the 90’s with the gravel background, cheesy sounds & effects, and about 300 words per slide. With text over top of images that take up the entire slide, it was really hard to read the text on the slides. Moving on… think that it’s great that the presenter shared the things that work for her, but much like last night’s opening plenary, the content looked to be outdated by at least 5 years. Most of what she talks about doing is covered within Quality Matters and UDL and is a lot of common sense. One of the things that I may have missed by coming in late is what subject and level she teaches. 

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