Updates From the Rich and the Famous…

…Only I’m neither rich nor famous.But now that I’ve got your attention! ;-)It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and even so, the last time I did was in February when I was at the ITC conference. So here we go.The big project that I had been working on kicked off in a non-pilot form back in January. The program, Management Development Training Program, is a 5 month hybrid course for current and future presidents/managers of local companies as well as other local company employees who show leadership/entrepreneurial potential. So far it’s been going great. We’ve gotten some great feedback from the participants and instructors, and we’re ramping up to do a 1 month stint of updates to the program. But my involvement in the day-to-day operations of that program have been winding down, so of course I picked up another project (or 3)!In January I kicked of a solo project that involves updating and migrating on-demand training content from one vendor to another. The new vendor’s site won’t be available to the entire organization until February 2016, but there’s over 300 assets (PDFs, videos, etc.) in the current system that need to be evaluated, updated, and migrated, so it’s a time consuming project. I was able to research new vendors and propose the switch to our Board of Directors, during which time I was a nervous wreck. But it clearly went well, because they approved it without reservations! The research phase started in January/February, and so I’ve been knee-deep in this project ever since. It’s a solo project, so I’m the only one maintaining a timeline, which means I’m actually about 3.5 months ahead of schedule. Whew! Maybe I should take a vacation for that 3.5 months – Wouldn’t that be nice! But alas…There are some other projects that I’m working on which aren’t very public, so those will have to wait for a later update. But needless to say, things are going well. I’ve had a long break of no traveling which ends in about 1 week. Then I go back to my monthly trips. Let’s just say that this fall is going to be super packed with my work travel and marching band. As if my life wasn’t crazy enough!Till next time…

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