Design Thinking for Learning Design

Robin BartolettiUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center

Session Abstract

As a process to develop an online course, design thinking is about stating with people and applying the tools of creative design like storytelling, prototyping, away days, brain writing, and experiementation. Learn key methods to try as you build your own Canvas course.The room is incredibly full – I’m sitting on the floor. Usually no big deal, but it’s hot in here!!Robin started off talking about Design Learning, but I think she missed a step. I don’t know about others in the room, but I came to this session to find out what Design Thinking is – it seems that she skipped over that part. There were a large number of people in the room who had some knowledge about what Design Thinking is, but it certainly wasn’t unanimous.Almost 20 minutes into the session and this tweet is probably the most informative piece of information I received:

“Pick one that fits your needs/situation.”

Pick one what??Robin also referenced a website with resources, but she hasn’t provided the link so I have no clue what I’m looking for. She also had an exercise to try Design Thinking, but wanted to skip over it because there were more people in the room than she expected. I’m not sure how that’s possible – there’s 1800 people here and only a small number of sessions going on at 1 time. There’s got to be at least 200 people in this room.With about 15 minutes left, I decided to leave. I wasn’t getting anything out of the session and I want to get an actual seat for the next session.

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