LTI Your Canvas for Great Good

Andrew ButterfieldInstructure

Session Abstract

In addition to being an awesome learning management system, Canvas is an extensible platform. Come and learn the state of the art so that you can customize Canvas to fit your needs.


I expected this session to be a beginner version of LTIs, which is good because I know what LTIs are but have never used them. We’re already 10 minutes into the session and we’re still going over definitions and technical specs of LTI tools. I’m really hoping we get into what LTIs are available and how they can be used in courses. I’m fairly technical in nature (I can speak tech), but it’s clear that this session is being led by an Engineer and people in the room are starting to zone out…I’m really confused about this session. I thought this was a session about using LTI tools, but right now we’ve been looking at XML code. I wonder if this session was pitched as “how to create your own LTI.”20 minutes into the session and we’re still looking at code… Note that the session is only 40 minutes long…


This session is not what I expected, and from the looks of how many people have left the session 25 minutes in, others are feeling the same way. I really can’t tell you what I learned from this session. Too bad, I was interested in using LTI.

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