Minding the Gap: Investing in the Future

Mitch MacFarlaneInstructure


Do more stuff, better.


Mitch opened the session comparing the infrastructure of Canavs to the London Tube. Quite the analogy! Moving onto the first part, service-oriented architecture. What this means is that most of the components to Canvas are being separated from the larger product, so that updates and fixes are more lean with resources (manpower, cost).Additionally, Mitch includes consortium admin tools, database upgrades, and deploy infrastructure. The deploy infrastructure allows Instructure to do testing and code deployment so that QA testing of the code goes from hours down to minutes.Test build times is another great one. Strategizing testing based on what component is being updated/fixed is huge. Reducing the resources do to QA testing helps cut down on time needed to complete necessary testing.Notification service, rails/ruby, and React/WebPack are other upgrades that are great. All of that is under the hood.After going through the under-the-hood updates, there are other foundational principles that Mitch wants Canvas to be synonomous with:

  • Open
  • User-friendly (usability)
  • Accessible
  • Modern

With those foundational principles in mind, there are some things on the roadmap:

  • Quizzes 2
  • Offline content
  • Master courses
  • Outcomes everywhere


A good keynote to give a sneak peek at what is to come in the next year or so. Not much detail, but that’s ok since there is a roadmap session planned for later this afternoon. I don’t know if I had planned to attend, but if I didn’t, I probably should.

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