General Session, Part 2

Now that we’re back from the break, here’s part 2 of the General Session!

The Birkman Signature Report

  • Softens the learning curve post-training
  • Recommended format for appropriate amount of data for a first feedback
  • Elegantly walks users through the Birkman data in a logical way.

Why signature? Everyone’s signature is unique. With a signature, there is no implication of right or wrong, good or bad.A great thing about this new report is the interactive PDF format, which allows the consultant to include some data about that person in the report. Because of the interactive PDF format, there is an interactive table of contents allowing you to jump to specific parts of the report. This new report starts with a very high-level overview of the Birkman Method and then begins to drill deeper into each portion.I think that this new version is going to be great for implementation. In the old report, I’d jump around because it wasn’t displayed in a logical format. This version is much better. On a side note – I don’t think I knew what “reversals” were. I mean, I know what the underlying meaning/debrief is for that, but I didn’t know the exact term for that. I guess that explains the visual aspect of the report that I couldn’t explain a few weeks ago…The end of the signature report is part of the Birkman Insights report – Your Strengths

  • Good for end users to take back to bosses – this is how I stand out
  • Makes people feel better

This version of the Career Exploration Overview is only 2 pages. I don’t know about other Birkman consultants, but this makes things much easier. I always hate this part of the Preview Report because it’s always a strange topic. I like the take from Birkman that we don’t want to spend time/space emphasizing what people aren’t good at – especially if their current role is on that list.Report wraps up with an action plan – YES!! This makes things so much better/easier for coaching. It makes the coaching session much more interactive and not one-sided.The Pocket Guide is now called the Birkman Signature Companion Guide. This is really cool for consultants because I use this all the time. Birkman is giving each participant a copy of the Companion Guide as well as our own Signature Report.That’s it for the overview of changes to the Birkman. TONS of changes and every one of them has great implications to the future of Birkman consultants (myself included).

Additional Information from Michael Wilk

  • The new website is mobile optimized.
  • Additional staff hired for training – new training modules & facilitator-led training

Training levelsIn an effort to be consistent in the training experiences Certification is every 1 year, not every 3

  • 3 different levels
  • Birkman is creating a process to audit for current instructors to place them into the correct level

CEUs/BLC (Birkman Learning Credits) 

  • 8 credits required annually
  • Ways to earn credits
    • Attend conference – all 8 credits
    • Experience – up to 4 credits
    • Social learning/exposure – up to 2 credits
    • Training & formal learning – up to 2 credits


    • Beta use/testing will start on 9/12/16
    • New site and all changes will be availalbe on 1/17/17
    • Consultants can choose when to upgrade
    • Old site will still be up for 1 year after in order to make the transition
    • Information about the Perspective Report is not yet available

    In short… AWESOME!

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