How to Drive Your Birkman Business and Your Clients’ Bottom Line

Doug HoweBirkman and the bottom line

  • How do you sell your Birkman services?
  • Why do your clients hire you?
  • What holds them back from hiring in you?
  • What is your re-hire/sustainability percentage?

Things you can say when selling the “Birkman” (really selling your services)

  • Have you ever purchased a software package and not opted for the help desk/support package?
  • How do you ensure that your employees are working at an effective rate to ensure/guarantee your ROI?
  • What is a pain point?
  • If you could wave a wand and fix 1 people problem, what would it be?
  • Impact quality of life (for owner or person in charge & employees)
  • What is your budget, in terms of what you invest to make your human capital investment (salary) pay off?

How to connect proposed offering to business

  • Strong, more self-aware people
  • Better functioning team?
  • Reward/perk that drives results
  • Key executive/employee attraction, retention, equipping 
  • Hiring for attitudes and behaviors rather than skills and experiences


  • Consider their overall spend for employee development
  • If it’s a 1 time event, ask what their follow-up plan is?
  • Try and do a monthly contract for follow-up meetings, 1-on-1, etc.
  • Birkman public pricing for an assessment is $495 – consider making that your price (“I charge the same thing as Birkman”)
  • Faith-based/non-profit orgs – don’t negotiate prices


Not a bad session at all. Lots of things to think about, whether you are an experienced consultant or just getting started (like me).

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