Integrating The Birkman Method into an Organization’s Talent Management Strategy

Matthew GosneyHillcrest Healthcare System

  • Interview question – “Tell me a time when you were at your best”

Best Practice Assessment – should be used when interviewing/selecting candidates

  • Behavior 
  • Personality
  • Skill
  • Fit

Steps for integration

  1. Identify (rank) most critical to least critical the behavior standards (competencies). Rank the results
  2. Rate existing employees against the top standards
  3. Randomly selected 50 and had them take the Birkman
  4. Run statistics


I thought this session was pretty rough. It was a case study of what they did at their hospital and most of the session was based on their steps and results. What I was hoping for, and didn’t see, were practical steps/examples of how the Birkman could be used for talent management in other organizations. There really wasn’t anything usable/applicable to other organizations. My notes are pretty scattered because I was trying to find items that I could apply outside of this specific hospital network.

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