Two New Ways to Team: Facing Change or Building New

Patti HansenCorbett ConsultingReasons for presenting a Birkman-based team session:

  • Learning about existing team members
  • Introducting new members/leaders to team
  • Annual opportunity to learn
  • Budget to use or lose

Top issues for training:

  • Communication
  • Priority management
  • Project management
  • Change

Patti started off going over change management in an organization, talking about the several stages of change (anger, despair, etc.) and clues into which stage an individual is in (including what someone in each of the stages needs).What We Found Works

  • Sell to interests
    • Blue – Harmony
    • Green – What’s in it from me?
    • Red – Why should I care?
    • Yellow – facts, measurements
  • Manage needs
  • Leverage usual behaviors

Tips on how tomanage and support implementers of change

  • Blue
    • Ask for opinions, listen, be patient, don’t rush.
  • Green
    • Reduce risk
    • What’s in it for me/us?
    • What are our competitors doing?
  • Red
    • Begin a pilot
    • Low hanging fruit
    • Early wins
  • Yellow
    • Provide lead time
    • Realistic deadlines
    • Fair burden distribution

After capturing attnetion/gaining buy-in/matching strengths to tasks/planning support

  • Give individuals their own tasks
  • Forces action and accountability


I had high expectations on this one. For the most part, it met those expectations. I was able to take away 1-2 activities to implement in change management trainings, and she indicated that there were going to be more activities and reflective questions in the PowerPoint slides. Hopefully I can build out a training on change management for my “toolkit.”

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