Why is it So Hard to Talk About Our Needs?

Courtney AbrahamTimeline for training

  • Personal 1:1 to go over results
  • 101 Workshop – explore similarities & differences
  • 102 Workshop – increase effectiveness and communication practices among team members
  • Triad Coaching – comparative reports reviewed side by side
  • 201 Workshop – debrief work relationships and effors with simulations

Sample Workshop

  • Birkman history and fundation
  • Do something active
  • Life Style Grid learning & flip chart activity
  • Life Style Grid Needs – if yuo were coaching a person with Green Needs, what do you need to know, be aware of, and do?
  • Key Components
    • The lesson
    • The learning
    • The voting
    • The discussion and line up
  • Personal action planning
  • Experiential activity


This was another session that wasn’t what was expected. I was looking for more specific discussion on a persons’ Needs and tools for talking about them. What ended up being discussed were activities that can be implemented with new hires. But there was no tying back to Birkman, unless it was implied and I just happen to miss it. I think the activities that were mentioned were really cool, but wish there was more correlation to Needs.

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