Consultants: Ramping Up Your Marketing Efforts to Grow Your Small Business

Amelia SmithBirkman InternationalOne of the best things I took away from this session is that all of the newly branded marketing materials are already available on their website. I was wondering when these materials were going to be available, and my question has been answered!

Laying the groundwork

Elevator pitch

  • Sum up your business in 30 seconds


  • A list of different phrases that are relevant to your service
  • Keyword list can grow


  • Think about colors that reflect your brand
  • Once created, keep it


These items were all things I knew about ahead of time. It’s not clear from the audience how many people in this room already have a consulting/small business website.

Social Media

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube

I don’t agree with the Google+ site, but otherwise I agree with all of these. 

It’s better to manage a few well than be on too many networks and neglect them.


This wasn’t a bad session, just not what I expected. It was more “Social media 101” and didn’t go into as much on the Birkman-specific marketing as what I was hoping for. 

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