Using Gap Analysis as a Coaching Tool

D. PerrymanBirkman Mehtod is not primarily a behavioral assessment.It is a measure of mindsets that drive a person forward a pattern of behavor.The questionnaire emphasizes “see,” so it is all about preception.The Leadership Mindset Cycle

  • Mindset
  • Judge
  • Emotion
  • Thought
  • Action
  • Feedback
  • Change

Usual – your perception of your natural, comfortable self interacting with the world.

  • How we learned it – Practice, Approval, Reinforcement
  • Why we learned it – Competence, Relatedness, Autonomy

Needs – Your perceptions of the way others are most of the time

  • What we believe – Science, Experience, Faith
  • Why we believe – Nature, Nurture, Hope

Social energy

  • Positive (usual 99, needs 20) – I see myself as being more social than others, but that’s ok becaue I can control my calendar.
  • Negative (usual 20, needs 99) – I see myself as being less social than others, but I want to be invited, even if I don’t attend.

Fixed mindset language

  • You are…
  • You will…
  • You need…

Growth mindset language

  • You see yourself as…
  • You anticipate…
  • You’re prepared for…

Amanda – Physical energy (49/20)

  • Normally we’d say that she is less active than other people
  • Perception – “I’m responsive more often than other people are.”

Marie – Physical energy (99/97)

  • Perception – “I think I have a high sense of urgency, just like everyone else”

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