Tips and Tricks for Online Retention

Kari Frish, Central Lakes CollegeI think this is the 3rd time I’ve sat in this presentation. The first time was a few years ago, and I subsequently brought Kari into my former university for a presentation to some faculty. I’m really here for moral support this time around, but I have no doubt that I’ll come away with something that I can use back in Ohio. already, 15 minutes into the session, I’ve already come away with a tool. A great ice-breaker/active learning activity is to have people self identify what type of a learner they are by having them complete the worksheet, “What are my Learning Strengths.” I don’t remember seeing this worksheet previously, but it’s a good way to kick off the session. Kari also provided a debrief worksheet to help us understand why this activity is important. I defintely think this would be helful moving forward.Kari openly says that she has issues relating communication (her discipline) to math and logic. So as a result, she developed a teaching philosophy that incorporates math… that we’re through the introductory activities and discussion, on to Kari’s tips & tricks!

  1. Tables for weekly assignment schedules
  2. Use content tool for “weekly notes” (not announcement tool)
  3. Discussion boards for classmate questions
  4. Release settings: Weekly release
  5. Due dates: 2 each week
  6. Campus resources as emergency toolkit: Deadlines with “safety net”
  7. Assessments: Consistenly use variety
  8. Fully use quizzing tool options
  9. Extra credit as spellcheck tool
  10. Use surveys
  11. Relationships as tools
  12. Communication tool: Politeness

Once Kari finished going through her 12 tips & tricks, she went into detail on some of the Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools that she uses. These are tools that live outside of the LMS but can be integrated into the LMS in various ways. Kari said she will make her reference document available – once I get it, I’ll post it here.I stopped including thoughts from Twitter into the notes because it didn’t look like anyone else was posting on Twitter besides me, and I try not to quote myself too much. Kind of disappointing that there wasn’t anyone else on Twitter during the session, but that’s pretty on-par with other pre-conference workshops at ITC #eLearning.Overall, a great session by Kari (as usual). Like I thought, there were a few things that I am taking away to implement in what I do. Timing is everything – there have been things that I implemented during previous iterations. Since my circumstances and needs have changed, there are other tips and tricks that prove to be useful. Kari’s PowerPoint presentation will be made available here when she shares it with everyone.Looking forward to the rest of #eLearning2017!

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