Brightspace 101: Getting Started in the Learning Environment

I’m hoping this session is more about what is different with Brightspace rather than a general overview of LMS platforms. Otherwise I may have to step of this session also…

Intelligent agents

  • Send automated/customized messages to students based on conditions (things done or not done)
  • Can be used for students and instructors

Activity feed

  • Can post comments/documents/links for “real-time” communication
  • Cannot do date restrictions/adaptive release (would have to be done in announcements)


  • Can use “replace strings,” allowing you to customize announcements (ex: {FirstName})
  • Possible use: MDTP survey embedded field (2017MDTPATL) – Use SIS id?

WYSIWYG editor

  • Pointing to a file or announcement within a course and then copying course with auto update links to the new course.

Learning Object Repository

  • Can make changes to content or assessments and cascade the changes to courses (if desired)

Modules can have details/descriptions.

  • Possible place to put objectives?

Completion tracking within the course

  • Interactions are only “done” when the interaction is submitted (not auto checked when opened)
  • Content pages can be set to manual completion checking, where students would have the ability to check/uncheck items for completion (can be used as a reminder to view something later on).

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