Mini-Bytes: Introducing Non-Traditional Students to Online Classes


Carli Cockrell, Great Falls College Montana State UniversityBrenda Canine, Great Falls College Montana State University

Session Abstract

The eLearning team at Great Falls College Montana State University often hears students say they do not want to take online classes because they have never taken one before. GFC MSU is a 2-year community college located in rural North Central Montana. Our average student age is 26+ and our students often drive more than 30 miles to attend courses. The flexibility and remote nature of online classes would be a great fit for a lot of our students, but many are nervous about trying something new or worry about the technology component. The eLearning departments solution was the creation of Mini-Bytes. A Mini-Byte class is a free 2-week sample of an online course. Instructor that teach the full 16 week watch over the courses and interact with the students who can sign up at any time. Students get to dip their toe into the college class in the actual LMS environment they would be taking the full class in. We will discuss the implementation of Mini-Bytes, what we have learned so far, and share our perspectives of the Mini-Byte pilot.

My Notes/Thoughts

Unfortunately, after about the first 10 minutes, I decided that this session wasn’t for me and I stepped out.

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