Increase Mediasite Adoption with Effective Training

Increasing adoption

  • Users want to use it
  • Answer “what’s in it for me?”
  • Change management

Effective training

  • Users learn how to use it
  • Correlated to adoption
  • Skill & knowledge

Ways to create more effective training

  • Define the problem
  • Find the root cause

Adult learning is problem-centered & relevant to the job

Creating Objectives

  • Audience (ex: attendees of Mediasite training)
  • Behavior (ex: will be able to capture a screen recording)
  • Condition (ex: using MDR)
  • Degree (ex: without assistance)

Training is more than lecture

Training vs. Education

Training is:

  • Objective outcome
  • Short-term

Education is:

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Long-term


This is the 2nd presentation that I’ve attended from the same presenter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thrilled with either session. This session didn’t really provide me with information that I didn’t already know. The content was more around developing training (best practices, objectives, etc.), rather than focusing specifically on teaching/training on how to use Mediasite.

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