Integrating Mediasite with Your LMS

Ability to manage content from within the LMS – this was something new to me. I knew that instructors could add videos into their courses, but the screenshot below shows that instructors can actually access/use MyMediasite within the LMS also.

In addition to embedding individual videos, there is also the ability to add a collection/catalog link in the course navigation. As a result, instructors could add new videos to a collection/catalog without having to edit any pages in the LMS.

Quizzing integration

As of Hotfix 6, quiz results can push into the LMS Gradebook.

  • For Blackboard, quizzes have to be added to the video before adding the video into the course.
  • Presentations need to be added as “assignments” in the LMS
  • After the assignment is over/past due, instructors can go into MyMediasite, and push all of the grades into the Gradebook


I liked the content of this session – it was much more hands-on than high level. Even though the presentation was using Canvas, it was clear how the LMS integration should work. With the integration, I think it would actually make things very easy for instructors, with access to MyMediasite directly from within the LMS, rather than having to go to a different website. Lots to think about for our LMS integration!

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