Managing Digital Overwhelm with Mediasite

UMass Lowell is currently using 2 systems, Mediasite and Echo360. Through the charts and screenshots that the presenter presented, there are a lot of similarities in the core features/functionalities between both products. There are some differences, what seems to be mostly in the IP camera support between Mediasite/Echo360.

One of the things that came out in the morning geek panel as well as this session has been Mediasite Monitor, which seems like the ability to remotely watch/hear Mediasite feeds to ensure that captures are successful. This process allows the ability without needing to physically visit each individual classroom where Mediasite is being used.

At ACC, Monitor wouldn’t be used initially, mostly because the number of installations would be minimal. I can certainly see this being useful in the future.

There are a number of challenges that the presenter identified with needing to support multiple lecture capture solutions at the institution. Challenges vary from not having enough staffing, not being able to spot check recordings (due to the increasing number of requests), providing technical support for multiple platforms, and having to spread a set amount of money to support multiple platforms.

They have gone through the process of automating scheduling/request processes, including a checkbox list of courses that the specific instructor is teaching (select which courses to capture), as well as whether they want students to have the ability to download videos after they’ve been captured.


I think the session had some good information, but was not exactly what I was expecting. There can be (and certainly is) overwhelm with digital overload, but I was expecting more about how their institution moved from multiple solutions down to 1 (Mediasite). In reality, it sounds like UMass Lowell will continue to manage multiple platforms for the time being.

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