It’s a Mobile World

Session Abstract

Let’s explore a day in the life with Canvas Mobile apps. This includes the daily, real-time experience of student and use by faculty while on-the-go. This session will help teachers and designers better understand student use, how to optimize course content, minimize confusion, and create an awesome learning experience, anywhere.


The session is being facilitated by the Admin of the Canvas Mobile User Group (CMUG), an Instructional Designer from the University of Central Florida. It’s good to know that this type of a session isn’t just a “plug” for more people to start using the app. An interesting stat early on into the session is that there have been over 6 million app downloads. survey students every year and get a surprising response rate. Within 1 week, over 1000 responses. With their number of students using Canvas, the percentage is probably pretty small, but in just looking at the raw numbers, that’s pretty impressive.As part of the survey, the #1 most important features of the app were Grades (not surprising) and #2 was Assignments (not surprising). question is How often do you access Can vas with a computer (not mobile device) – 98%35% access Canvas with phone as much or more than a computer.Moving onto the Day in the Life with Canvas Mobile… created a neat video on the Day in the Life with Canvas Mobile was a very cheesy video, but was very helpful in seeing all of the different tasks that can be completed within the mobile app. addition to all of the tasks that can be done, there are benefits to both the instructor and student. designing contents for the mobile app, there are design considerations that should be thought through. A list of the considerations is available on the Canvas Community: resource that can be used is UDOIT (University Design Online content Inspection Tool)

  1. Scan a course for accessibility
  2. Generate reports
  3. Provide resources on how to address common issues

Right now this tool is only for the Canvas website, but development is underway to include a mobile check. Fantastic!Here’s something to keep in mind:


This was the best session so far, IMO. There weren’t any new features or “aha” moments, but it was a session that provided information on what students and instructors can do with the mobile app. No mobile app is perfect, and even if you don’t like the Canvas mobile app (or mobile learning, in general), it doesn’t matter. Your students will use it whether or not you want them to. Here’s some contact information on the presenters, Ryan and Luke:

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