A Vision & Framework for Human-Centered Learning Environments

Dr. Bernard Bull

Industrial Age Learning Priorities

  • Standardization & Uniformity

  • Mass production & scale

  • Efficiency & Order

  • Quantification & Measurement

  • Centralized Power & Authoritarianism

  • Mechanization & Automation

  • Technology (applied scientific knowledge)

https://twitter.com/kfrisch/status/1226864100757647360All of these priorities are incapable of infusing “oxygen” into our learning contexts.

Proposed list of alternative priorities

  • Adventure & quests

  • Agency & action

  • Compassion & Connectedness

  • Experimentation & Play

  • Mastery & Growth

  • Meaning & Purpose

  • Wonder & Mystery

Questions to consider when “radicalizing” the course/changing priorities

  1. How can I use the language of quests and adventures?

  2. What would my course look like as a quest?

But how do we shift to these alternative priorities?https://twitter.com/evinsmj/status/1226865443769651200What it really comes down to:https://twitter.com/kfrisch/status/1226866423710048256


5 templates for self-directed learning

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